What is Springsteen DVDs?

Springsteen DVDs is a website where you can find information related to audiovisual material about Bruce Springsteen’s entire career, specially non-official DVDs and Blu-rays.

It can be considered as a sort of database, where we’ll have a data sheet of each one of the bootlegs.

This website tries to cover the space left by BruceDVDs, a website that did a magnificent job publishing reviews of DVDs until a few years ago, that unfortunately is offline nowadays.

Is the material in the website for sale, can it be exchanged or is it available for download?

No, at least most of it. The reason for the existence of this website is merely informative, as help for collectors and other Springsteen fans. Most of the bootlegs listed here are a result of non-profit projects and can be downloaded freely at websites like jungleland.

Anyway, there is a part of the material that is available for download. Specifically I mean the DVDs made by me; these are listed in the section otacon DVDs. There is a link for download in every data sheet.

Also, we will share a link for download every month among all the DVDs that appear in the website (Download of the month).

What is Download of the month?

Download of the month is an initiative with which I try to share part of the material listed in this website. Every month a link to Google Drive (it is the best free tool I have found to download files of a certain size) will be enabled so you can download one of the DVDs listed in this website. When that month is over the link will be permanently deleted and a different DVD will be shared.

Petitions are allowed, but their order must be respected. Usually there is a waiting list, so be patient…”Faith will be rewarded”.

Note: Blu-rays (because of their bigger size) and DVDs under Official label will not be shared.

I have material that is not on the website.

Although this website is in continuous update and new material is added frequently, it is obvious that some bootlegs will not appear listed here.

I will love to add more material to the website and my collection, so if you have any material and want to collaborate you can do it by sharing your DVDs publicly in jungleland (I use to visit this website usually and it is the source of most of my collection) or use any online storage tool (Google Drive, MEGA…).

How may I contribute?

This website uses a “Blogger” WordPress plan, thanks to this adverts won’t show up, but it has an associated cost. So if you want to contribute to this payment or if you just want to appreciate the work being done by this website you can make a donation. Any kind of help will be welcomed.

If you have any more questions, suggestions or just want to contact me you can use Twitter or cover the following form: